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Darryl Miller Magic
978 CR 2201
Hooks, TX 75561
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Phone: (903)547-1915
Cell: (903) 824-5826
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Darryl is an acclaimed balloon artist whose repertoire of creations consist of small basic animals to life size sculptures. When patrons are waiting to be seated, waiting for their meal, or waiting for their check, a balloon artist provides them with entertainment to pass the time, even if the artist is not at their table.

The dining experience becomes a lot easier for all involved. Gratuities increase with customer satisfaction and you will see a definite increase in new and repeat business.

Obviously, balloons and magic are a wonderful source of entertainment for the kids, but adults are equally amazed. Family night is a great time for balloons and magic at the table, with parents enjoying the idea of being entertained while enjoying a good meal with the family..

Our Guarantee
Darryl can tell when he is not wanted at a table and will gracefully make a quick exit.
Darryl is always prompt and well groomed.
Darryl will always give priority to the needs of the staff, always trying to make their job easier.
Continuous conversation is also part of the act. This designed to build a comfortable environment between patrons and Darryl.
Darryl will be your 24 hour a day billboard, plugging your restaurant or event at all our shows and listing it on my website.
Small wages and occasional tips. Darryl will not solicit tips but will accept them if offered.

Tips Only
Darryl can work for tips only. Darryl will simply wear a pin stating "I work for tips". This arrangement can be used on a trial basis so you can see first hand Darryl's skills and professionalism and the benefit to your business. Professional entertainment at little or no cost to you.

Magician Darryl Miller performs in Arkansas, Texas, Louisana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, and Georgia.